Contest Information

2024 Central WA Sportsmen Show Photo Contest

Sponsored by the Kittitas County Field & Stream Club

Conditions of the Contest

• All entries are subject to acceptance by the Central Washington Sportsmen Show Photo Contest Committee. All decisions by the judges and/or the Photo Committee are final and are not subject to appeal.

• An single entry may involve an obvious series of two or three photos, with a maximum of three photo entries from any one photographer.

• Photos entered and accepted into the contest and exhibit will be on display during the February 23 to 25, 2024, Central Washington Sportsmen Show at the Central Washington State Fairgrounds in Yakima.

• A maximum of 75 entries will be accepted for the 2024 contest.

• Entry in this contest represents consent to use the photo on the web site of JLM Productions or the Kittitas County Field and Stream Club without further compensation.

• Note that all reasonable care will be exercised to prevent damage or loss of photos. However, neither the Kittitas County Field and Stream Club, nor JLM Productions, their employees, sponsors, or affiliates, will assume any responsibility or liability for damage or loss of entries.


Trophy Fish/Game: Tasteful photos of hunters or fishers with their trophies will be accepted in two categories:
16 years of age or younger and 17 years of age or older

Wildlife, Fish, Outdoor Scenes: Photos of living fish, wildlife, or outdoors (may include humans) in categories:
16 years of age or younger and 17 years of age or older


Ribbons and Gift Cards (minimum of $25, $50, $100) will be awarded to entries in each category listed above:

Best of Show (Judges’ decision to award)
First Place
Second Place
Honorable Mention (Judges’ decision to award)

Note: Questions may be directed to Jim Huckabay 509-306-9025 or emailed to [email protected]

Submission Guidelines

1. All entries must be in .jpeg format. The following will not be accepted: composites or digitally assembled photos; the work of professional photographers; or any photograph which has won a cash prize in a previous photo contest.

2. A maximum of three entries may be submitted per entrant – they must be the original work of the entrant.

3. Entries must be emailed to [email protected], Subject: Photo Contest.
Entries must be received prior to midnight, February 19, 2024.

4. The email message ([email protected]) accompanying the photo must include photographer’s name, age, and contact information (including US Post Office mailing address). Entrant may include a title/caption for each photo.

5. Entries may be picked up during the last hour of the 2023 Central Washington Sportsmen Show. Prizes not claimed during that time will be mailed to the winners at the address provided in the entry email.