Kittitas County Field & Stream
Since 1919
"Working Today For Tomorrow's Wildlife"
Ellensburg, Washington
                                                   KITTITAS COUNTY FIELD & STREAM - Since 1919

                                                       SOME HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR LONG HISTORY

Organized in 1919 by a few individuals who liked to hunt, the Kittitas County Field & Stream Club worked for effective habitat preservation and
wildlife management.  In the early years, we held bird dog trials, sent delegates to the Game Commission, hosted wildlife meetings and were active in
state and national wildlife groups.  In 1946, the Club incorporated and elected to concentrate efforts within Kittitas County.  Today, the Club is a
non-profit organization promoting effective conservation and good sportsmanship, supporting education to prevent pollution, and working to improve
and increase outdoor recreation opportunities, especially hunting and fishing.  Check out the
Current Projects page for what's happening today.

2018 - Sponsor
Grant Hollar's repeat trip to National 4H Shooting Sports Championships.  Donate to Washington State Youth Conservation
p to sponsor one camper.  Construct new LT Murray info board at Joe Watt Canyon.   Sponsor of KEEN's Yakima River Bird Fest.
Instruct students at Mt. Stuart, Valley View, and Mattawa in Wildlife Science during the annual
5th Grade Camp.  Contribute to Soren Lundquist's
Eagle Scout Project.  Sponsor Central Washington Sportsmen's Show Photo Contest.  Purchase new projector for Hunter Ed classes.  Sponsor
Hunter Education classes.  Continue formulating Washington Kids Outdoor Bill of Rights.  Participate in Skookumchuck road repair on
Jackknife Ridge Road
.  Award Life Member Scholarship to Miss Madison Arlt.  Volunteers remove 1.67 tons of litter from Durr Road.  Continue
representing sportsmen and women at state and local levels, inclusing the
Teanaway Community Forest Advisory Committee and Kittitas County
Public Lands Advisory Committee.

2017  Sponsored
On Target 4Her Grant Hollar to attend National 4H Shooting Sports Championships.  Thank you Arnold's Ranch & Home and
Shaw's Furniture for continuing to partner with us to distribute feed for our
Winter Gamebird Program, to support gamebirds when the snow is
deepest.  Sponsored three
Hunter Education classes.  Partnered with KEEN on Get Intimate with the Shrub Steppe bird walks.  Club officers
testified before the state Senate Natural Resources Committee in support of the
Teanaway Community Forest.  Annual Photo Contest at Central
Washington Sportsmen Show.  For our 13th year, partnered with
Eyes in the Woods to protect public lands and wildlife from illegal activity.  
Continue to represent sportsmen and women on various local and state committees, including the Kittitas County
Public Lands Advisory
.  Award Life Member Scholarship to Miss Abby Beck.  Club President taught Wildlife Science classes at 5th Grade Camp.  As
member of
Game Management Advisory Council join user groups from across the state to address issues and make recommendations to WDFW.   
Co-sponsored annual
Hunter Breakfast at Wild Horse Renewable Energy Center. Financed Eagle Scout Project installing information board on the
L.T. Murray Wildlife Area.
Durr Road Clean Up removed over 2 tons of trash. Served on Wenas WLA Target Shootibng Committee. Installed
ADA fishing platform at Helen McCabe State Park.  Honored Deb Essman with Life Membership.

2016  Sponsored
4H member Grant Hollar to attend National 4H Shooting Sports Championships.  Thank you Arnold's Ranch & Home and Shaw's
Furniture for continuing to partner with us to distribute feed for our
Winter Gamebird Program, to support gamebirds when the snow is deepest.  
Continued our support of quality
Hunter Education and sponsored three classes.  Partnered with KEEN on Get Intimate with the Shrub Steppe bird
walks.  Club officers testified before the state Senate Natural Resources Committee in support of the
Teanaway Community Forest.  Annual Photo
at Central Washington Sportsmen Show.  For our 12th year, partnered with Eyes in the Woods to protect public lands and wildlife from
illegal activity.  Continue to represent sportsmen and women on various local and state committees, including the Kittitas County
Public Lands
Advisory Committee
.  Attended Washington State Sportsmen's Caucus at Evergreen Gun Club. where dozens of legislators listened to concerns
from members of the hunting community.  Award
Life Member Scholarship to Mr. Charlie Donahue.  Club President taught Wildlife Science classes
5th Grade Camp.  As member of Game Management Advisory Council join user groups from across Washington state to address issues and make
recommendations to WDFW.  Financed Fio Rito Lake
Eagle Scout Project for discarded fishing line holders. Co-sponsored annual Hunter
at Wild Horse Renewable Energy Center.   Recogized by WDFW as "Volunteer Organization of the Year" for our 15 years of
sponsoring the Durr Road Clean Up, which removed 1.5 tons of litter in 2016.  Club members shared stories and tips at the club's booth during
Cabela's Outdoor Days event in Union Gap. Installed ADA fishing platforms at Helen McCabe State Park.

2015  Join KEEN to improve recreation at
Helen McCabe Park constructing fishing platforms and graveling paths.  Life Member Scholarships
awarded to Miss Abigail Ernest-Beck and Mr. Eric Wilson, so equally qualified the selection committee chose both.  Deborah Essman co-leads bird
walks for the annual
Get Intimate With the Shrub Steppe event by KEEN.  CWU adds CORT to the Law & Justice curriculum.  We joined Eyes
in the Woods
and began hosting CORT classes 10 years ago.  Hunter Ed returns!  WDFW revised hunter ed policies and our sponsored team of
instructors returned in April to a full classroom.  We hosted our first hunter ed class in 1960.  Donate $1,750 to Save 5th Grade Camp Campaign.  
Club Prez Deborah Essman has taught
Wildlife Tracks at 5th Grade Camp for over 20 years.  Organize annual Durr Road Clean Up; volunteers
remove 2.1 tons of litter from the Wenas Wildlife Area; the first Clean Up was in 1999.  Spearhead efforts to create and pass State Senate Resolution
8613, celebrating
Washington State families' outdoor heritage.  Participate in creating Naneum Ridge to Columbia River Recreation and
Access Plan
.   Join e3 Winter Fair promoting environment, education and economy of Kittitas County.  Co-host Central WA Sportsmen Show
Photo Contest.  Buzz Chevara honored as Life Member.

Life Member Scholarship awarded to Mr. Nicholas Browitt; our first scholarship was awarded in 1976.  Major contribution to Boy Scouts of
to improve shooting range at Camp Fife.  Contribute to 5th Grade Camp.  Support Yakima Scenic Byway  info seminar .  Host Eyes in
the Woods CORT classes.  Annual Durr Road Clean Up.  Join KEEN for
Grow the Grove tree planting at McCabe Pond.  Donate 300 pounds of
apricots, peaches and bananas to
wildland firefighters. Our instructors plan to restart Hunter Ed classes after convincing WDFW to improve some
polices; plan put on hold while department assesses effect of new state firearm laws.  Join DNR's Southeast Region
Forest Watch program.

2013 Support
Eagle Scout project at McCabe Pond installing info kiosk.  Award Life Member Scholarship to Mr. Carson Briski.  Sponsor, with
Puget Sound Energy,
Hunter Breakfast at the Wild Horse Wind Farm.  Contribute to On Target 4H Shooting Club.  Deborah Essman leads bird
s for Get Intimate with the Shrub Steppe.  After 60 years of teaching Hunter Ed our club ceased classes following major disagreements with
new WDFW policies; our instructors join others across the state working with the department to change the policies.  Jim Huckabay honored as Life

2012  Ninety-three years of working for wildlife
!  Actively opposing WDFW's Colockum Wildlife Area road closures.  Participate in
Environmental Education Summit connecting with other state and local e3 (economy, environment, education) organizations to further all our
efforts.  Shaw's Furniture and Arnold's Ranch & Home support our
Winter Gamebird Feed program for another year.  Co-sponsor Central WA
Sportsmen Show
Photo Contest to encourage people to share their outdoor experiences.  Our volunteer, certified instructors teach Hunter
classes; the club's first class was in 1960.  Bill Essman honored as Life Member.

Hunter Education classes graduate 96 students.  Host "Outdoor Survival for Kids" taught by Ken Matney, Search and Rescue volunteer.  
representing sportsmen and women at state and local levels. 7,695 pounds of wheat distributed for Winter Gamebird Feed program.  
Sponsor Central WA Sportsmen Show
Photo Contest--first year for digital display.  Support Big Game Management Roundtable efforts to educate
public and halt elk depredation of cultivated lands.  Contribute $500 to "Save 5th Grade Camp."  Volunteers remove 2.5 tons of litter from LT Murray
10th Durr Road Clean Up.  $1,500 Life Member Scholarship awarded to Mr. Ryan Sprecher of Ellensburg High School.  Participate in e3
Winter Fair.  Bird whisperer Deborah Essman conducts bird walks at Get Intimate with the Shrub Steppe event.  
Adopt an Access partnership with
WDFW to maintain Fio Rito lakes continues; poll public for ideas to ease trash/vandalism issues.  Host Eyes in the Woods
CORT classes. Yakima
River Canyon Scenic Byway
Initiative partner.  Norm Spurgeon honored as Life Member.

Winter Gamebird Feed program distributes 6,480 lbs of wheat.  Organize Roundtable with WDFW Director, Phil Anderson, and various
outdoor agencies.  Hunter Education classes graduate 93 students; this year we celebrate
50 years of teaching Hunter Ed.  Support Salmon in the
at Mt Stuart Elementary School.  Donate $1,000 to "Save 5th Grade Camp," a week-long outdoor experience for Ellensburg School
District students.  Sponsor e3 Winter Fair.  Enter fifth year of hosting
Eyes in the Woods classes.  Volunteers pick up 2.12 tons of litter at the 9th
Durr Road Clean Up
.  Life Member Scholarship awarded to Spencer Slyfield of Kittitas High School.

2009  Work with WDFW and Dept of Ecology to treat
Mattoon for Eurasian Watermilfoil.  Club faces what could be the single most important
wildlife management issue of our future: WDFW's Draft Gray Wolf Conservation and Management Plan, which proposes a requirement for 15
successful breeding pairs to delist the species.  
Winter Gamebird Feed program distributed 9,905 lbs of wheat from Arnold's Ranch & Home and
Shaw's Furniture.  Sponsor
e3 Winter Fair advertising education, economy, & environment efforts of dozens of groups in the county.  Largest
CORT class to date with 113 pairs of eyes getting trained to watch for violators.  Durr Road Clean Up cleared 5,680 lbs of trash from the LT
Murray.  Assist DNR place signs in the new
Naneum Ridge State Forest.  Recognized by Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for exceptional
support in protecting elk habitat.  Windy conditions (even by Ellensburg standards) reduce
Free Fishing Weekend event attendance to about
60--many first time anglers.  Graduate nearly 100 students from
Hunter Education classes.  Bob Belsaas honored as Life Member.

2008  Participate in Earth Day tree planting at
Helen McCabe State Park...and regular watering for their survival.  At the Durr Road Clean Up
volunteers pick up 3,420 pounds of litter.  
Winter Gamebird Feed program distributes 6.12 tons of wheat free-of-charge.  Hunter Education
classes are packed; 102 students taught this year.  Biggest Eyes In The Woods
CORT class yet--94 pairs of eyes get trained up.  Sponsor
Worley-Bugger's Yakima River Clean Up BBQ.  Participate in first e3 Conference promotoing environment, education and economy.  Support
Friends of Wildlife and Wind Power to secure WDFW managed conservation easement on
Wild Horse Wind Farm.  Continue efforts to secure
suitable property for a
public shooting range.  Award $1,500 Life Member Scholarship to Mr. Michael McElroy.  Our fourth annual Free Fishing
event attended by more than 100 kids and parents.

2007  Begin "
A Sportsman Leaves a Clean Camp" campaign.  Support 4H On Target Shooting and Archery Club.  Sponsor youngster to attend
Washington State Youth Conservation Camp.  Aid WDFW in replacing Green Dot signs in Skookumchuck.  Habitat Partnership with Rocky
Mountain Elk Foundation supports DNR's Central Cascades Land Exchange and acquires 55,000 acres of privately-owned lands for public use.
Support two
Yakima River Cleanups organized by local fly shops.  Join cooperative effort to restore Gladmar Park.  Sponsor BGMR meeting in
Cle Elum to educate public on big game issues.  Begin work with county and state agencies to
eradicate Eurasion Watermilfoil from Mattoon, Fio
Rito and Lavender Lakes.  Continue
Hunter Education classes for the 47th year.   Award Life Member Scholarship to Mr. Hunter Slyfield, Kittitas
High School..  After a rocky start, our
Winter Gamebird Feed program distributed nearly 15 tons of wheat.  Sponsor Central Washington
Sportsmen's Show
Photo Contest.  Complete 6th Durr Road clean up with most volunteers ever. Carl Jensvold honored as a Life Member.

2006  Purchase 14 tons of wheat to feed gamebirds for
Winter Gamebird Feed program.  Donate $350 to Ellensburg High School Environmental
"Salmon In The Classroom" project.  Host "Eyes In The Woods" training.  Sponsor Central Washington Sportsmen's Show Photo Contest.  
Graduate 93 students in three
Hunter Education classes. Sponsor "Cougarwise" meeting in Cle Elum where Walter Strom Middle School students
brief cougar habits, life-cycles, etc, and the effects of people feeding deer in their yards.  Share tips with two dozen kids and their families during
second annual
Free Fishing Weekend camp-out.  Sponsor two kids to attend the Washington State Youth Conservation Camp.  Award our
$1,000 Life Member Scholarship.  50 volunteers gathered
two and a half tons of trash at the annual Durr Road Clean Up.  Hold first Youth Angler
Education Class
offering classroom instruction and hands-on practice at Mattoon Lake.  Nearly 200 enjoy the 20th Anniversary Chukar Run
Banquet and make it a rousing success.  Join other local and national sporting and conservation groups to support DNR land exchanges to
public lands
--donate $5,000 to help fund land appraisals for Central Cascades Land Exchange to protect the Naneum.  Plus, our Match Challange
raised another $5,000 of donations for the cause, which we matched.
2005  Donate $350 to Morgan Middle School for Salmon In The Classroom, a WDFW project to teach kids about wildlife.  Help fund Big Game
Management Roundtable
efforts to resolve human-elk conflict.   Start new website.   Award Life Member Scholarship to Miss Rose Shriner,
Kittitas High School.  Members build and install two escape grids for
Canal Rescue Project.  Buy a big combo TV/DVD/VCR to improve lesson
presentation in
Hunter Education classes.  Complete fourth Durr Road cleanup and remove two tons of trash.  Members release 625 chukars.  
WDFW does not provide pheasants for release.  Club hosts first
Eyes In the Woods CORT (Crime Observation and Reporting Training) class to
protect wildlife and wildlands from resource crimes.  19th Annual
Chukar Run Banquet is a rousing success.  Ray Wheeler honored as a Life

2004  Club purchases youth shotguns and rifles for use in
Hunter Education classes.   Donated $1200 to support Big Game Management
.   Members release 1300 chukars and  pheasants.  Club completes third Durr Road Clean Up and remove almost 2 tons of trash.

2003  Club joins WDFW
Go Play Outside program.  Winter Gamebird Feed project distributes 20 tons of feed during 02-03 season.  Members
volunteer at Rodeo City
Kiwanis Kids Fishing Derby.  Club works to get deer crossing signs posted on Hwy 97.  Donate $150 to Children's
Activity Museum
.  Members release approximately 2,000 gamebirds.  Members remove trash from Durr Road shooting area during second clean
Life Member scholarship awarded to Kevin White.  Gordon Blossom and Ed Ruehle honored as Life Members.

2002  Club restores
Table Mountain habitat.  Bird project releases 800 pheasants and 700 chukars.  A member gets lost while hunting.  He's
sleeping by a cozy fire while rescue teams are searching for the 87-year-old.  At daylight, he wakes and hunts on his way back to the road, then
finds a bunch of people hanging around his truck...he still gets ribbed about it.  
Life Member Scholarship awarded to Jennifer Ann Johnson.

2001  Assist WDFW by placing water tanks in
Quilomene and LT Murray.  Donate $100 to National Wild Turkey Federation.  Winter feeding
programs continue to be successful.  Members continue bird program by purchasing mature chukars for release.  
Life Member Schoarlship
awarded to Paul Arnold.

2000  Donate $1,000 toward purchase of
Driver's House, now the Ellensburg Rodeo Office and Chamber of Commerce.  Donate to National
Wild Turkey Federation
; 300+ birds released in area this year.  Club earmarks $5,000 to hire attorney regarding road closure issue.  Purchase
800 chukars.  Assist WDFW by releasing 1,200 pheasants for their pheasant program.    Chukar Run Banquet very successful.  Members cease
raising their own birds and dismantle pens at Game Farm.  
Robert Dlouhy honored as a Life Member.

1999  Members dismantle flight pens at
Fairgrounds.  Club continues to work road closure issue.  District Attorney, Commissioners, and Sheriff
each say he can do nothing without approval from...(pick one of the other guys).  Members continue monitoring
Big Horn access site in Yakima
River Canyon.   Club and Worley Bugger Fly Shop worked together to get the site cleaned up and reopened after squatters that trashed the place
were evicted.  Club completes first
Durr Road Clean Up project.

1998  Members release
1,380 chukars and 1,350 pheasants during this year's bird program.  Club helps WDFW by building more bird feeders.

1997  Ask county commissioners to restore Gladmar Park and install a trailer boat launch.

1996  Beacon Ridge Road closed.   Club begins efforts to keep public roads
open to the public.  Members raise 1700 chukars and 2000
.  Article in Outdoor Life mentions Kittitas County as best for chukar hunting.  Floyd Bailes and William E. Wilson honored as Life

1995  Wyatt attempting to close Beacon Ridge Road but has not right to do so; John Cartright has grazing rights there.  WDFW gets permanent
campers off 26.2 acres of their land in Yakima Canyon.  Club works with Kiwanis Club to rehab
Courier Creek.  Members operate scare-away
guns for two weeks, mornings and evenings, to keep elk from
Sam Kaiser's land.  Bird program raises and releases 1600 chukars and 1800

1994  Reports indicate Club's
canal project reduced mortality by more than half (1980-90, 62 deer and 21 elk; after ramp install, 32 deer and 7
elk).  Club distributes first newsletter.  
Another year of successful bird raising: 1500 chukars and 1500 pheasants.  Wilma Dlouhy and Paul
honored as Life Members.

1993  Club works with farmers/ranchers on the north side regarding
elk trespass.  State Department of Wildlife and Fisheries department merger
passes legislature.  Funded by Wallace Trust grant, members provide labor to
restore springs, including Garrison.  Club plants about 400 trees
and shrubs to rehab
Fairview.    Bird program strong with 1600 chukars and 2000 pheasants.  Robert A. McBride and Elmer Stampfly honored
as Life Members.

1992  Club donates its Game Farm facilities and
members care for 1200 seriously ill pheasants seized by Dept of Wildlife from an illegal game
farm operation.  Club raises 2500 chukars and 1500 pheasants for its own bird program after rescued pheasants were released.   Club continues
supporting RMEF and has a seat on the Advisory Board.  Members install guzzler in sheep range in the
LT Murray.  Club begins its Yakima
River Map Project
.  Caribou Road gate locked—Club wondering how private landowner locks public road.    Members participate in Yakima
River Clean Up.

1991  Club helps procure funds for improvement of
Olmstead Park.   Club begins litter patrol at Mattoon and other ponds to keep them open to
the public.  Club
leases local property for bird habitat enhancement.  Club works on RMEF property to clean ditches and blowdown along the
creek.  Club continues purchasing nature videos for its collection at the
public library.  Five Club proposals for WDW co-op funding are
: green dot maps, green dot billboards, canal ladders, habitat improvement, and John Wayne Trail gamebird feeders.  Club administers
Paul Hart, Jr. Memorial Fund to improve habitat along John Wayne Trail.

1990  Club begins
Canal Rescue Project installing escape grids for elk and deer trapped in irrigation canals.   Hunter Safety and Education classes
ongoing.    Club leases Sorenson's Pond for kids fishing;
boy scouts help clean up the area.  Club's extensive efforts come to fruition when Rocky
Mountain Elk Foundation purchases the Knudson Ranch, providing additional elk habitat for adjacent
LT Murray Area. It is important to note that
Lowell and Necia
Knudson generously accepted less than market value to keep the land intact for wildlife habitat.   Club donates $1200 to improve
pheasant habitat along
Yakima River.   In its 4th year the bird raising program includes 2500 chukars, 500 bobwhite quail and 1000
.  Loan clubhouse and properties to Tahoma Chapter Backcountry Horsemen of Washington for lodging following their first annual
Ride From The Coast to Ellensburg to appear in the Rodeo.  Club leases 22 acres of Dan Brunson property on Riverbottom Road for
.  Brunson cleared and cultivated 5 acres to various grains, irrigated, but did not harvest.  Land provides food and cover for wintering

1989  Club participates in
Ellensburg Clean Up.  Club works with Cascade Field & Stream Club to save their clubhouse and shooting range
from being sold by Plum Creek.  Club continues working toward acquisition of Knudson property.  Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF)
expresses interest in helping WDW purchase Knudson Ranch and Club begins correspondence with them.  The Club, in cooperation with Cascade
Field & Stream Club, begins
local chapter of RMEF.  Club opposes 63,000 acre expansion of Yakima Firing Center, mostly into Kittitas County.  
Members support keeping Nanum watershed land open to public for recreation.

1988  Club begins extensive efforts to ensure acquisition of
Knudson Ranch for wildlife habitat.  Club donates $1500 for land appraisal to get the
ball rolling. 265 people attend
Game Farm Open House to see the Club's 2500 chukars and 1000 pheasants.  Club participates in Yakima River
Clean Up

1987  Club begins
Game Bird Enhancement Program donations and club funds get project going.  Club members raise 1050 chukars and 900
pheasant at the Game Farm.  Club holds its
first Chukar Run Banquet to earn money for next year's program.  Goose tubs and wood duck
continue to be successful.   Most of the 50-plus boxes were made by Carl Fischer, who not only donated time, but most of the materials (he
also built 100 bluebird boxes the Club placed).  This year 70% of tubs and 95% of duck boxes are being used.

1986  Game Dept acquires
Mattoon Pond and Club picks up litter.  Bob Parsons, Steve Shaw and Bob Arnold do outstanding job of feeding
wildlife during this especially severe winter.  Club members cut down and haul away nearly 100 trees damaged by elk in
Wanapum Park.  Efforts
ensure safety of park camping area and help rangers begin replanting program immediately.    Club builds and sets out
bluebird boxes.  Continue
Firearm Safety Classes.  Club donates $500 toward purchase of panels to help fence off some
farmer's haystacks and barns.  Members lease
and clean up
Sorenson's Pond for Kids Fishing.  

1985  Cattle trespass in
Whiskey Dick Wildlife Range.  Grazing caused considerable damage to elk winter range.  Responsible parties agree to
install cattle guards and with club's help, area can be restored.  Club participates in annual
mountain sheep count. Due to severe winter Club
encourages Game Dept to close upland bird season.  
Club works extensively, and several private citizens and local businesses donate money,
goods or time to purchase or distribute feed to wildlife.  Members volunteer everyday to feed elk.  
Hydraulics permit controversy erupts when a
local farmer diverts Nanum Creek to the edge of his property.  Interested in having good wildlife and fish habitat, Club Board members volunteer
labor and materials to help farmer meet Game Department permit requirements.  Members help Game Dept
capture and mark 13 deer on the Bud
Dunning Ranch.  Data will provide migration routes, habitat and forage preferences, harvest rates and population estimates.  
Dr. Don Childress
Lowell Rogers honored as Life Members.

1984  Install gabians
Whiskey Dick Creek.   Build fence on LT Murray Range in Tamerac Springs Area.  McCabe Pond fence and parking lot
finished.   Members build and place wood duck nest boxes. Club assists with Game Dept sage grouse surveys.   Plant willows in Whiskey Dick.

McCabe Pond fence and parking lot begun.  Goose Tub Program started with cooperation of landowners.  Provide input to Milwaukee
Road Property Right of Way
to maintain as a reserve for wildlife.  Encourage Game Dept to review lease arrangements for oil exploration on all
game lands.    Express concerns to
District Forest Rangers regarding logging roads left open when operations are complete and subsequent
public use causing direct or indirect harassment of game.  Members volunteer with Game Department wildlife agents in manning
elk check
.  In memory of Louie Bender, the Club donates a park bench for the downtown Rotary Pavilion.

1982  Working with Game Dept and landowner, Ken Swedberg, members install the first
beaver pipe in the county.  The pipe allows water to
continue flowing for irrigation while preserving the beaver and its habitat, and attracting other forms of wildlife.  Members also work with the
Game Dept planting trees to regenerate habitat along a barren portion of
Whiskey Dick Creek to support beavers, gamebirds, big game and fish.

Scholarship program begun: $150.  Club sponsors two boys to attend Junior Sportsmen's Conservation Camp.

1975  More than 3,000 have attended the Club's
Firearms Safety Training courses.  Club donates $2150 to help Game Dept purchase Fio Rito
.  Club ceases trap shooting activities.

1974  Club hosts May Game Commission meeting in Ellensburg.  Sponsors BBQ at
Yakima River Cleanup.  Club becomes a member of Animal
Control Citizens Advisory Committee.  Members begin a program to
maintain springs, water tanks on Game Dept Land.   People eat 1000
pounds of clams
at the Club's Clam Feed

1973  Sponsored first annual
Yakima River Cleanup.  Club honored by Game Department with a Special Award for Outstanding Firearm

1972  Club concerned about elk hunting in 4K, 4A areas.

1971  Club requests better information flow from Game Dept.  Also wants more sportsmen input, less being expected to accept Game Dept take-it-
or-leave-it policy presentation.  
Art Munz, the club's chief cook, is featured in the Daily Record with tips on cooking for up to 500 people.

1970  Submit input to USFS for
Alpine Lakes forest management.  Lengthy dialogue begins.  1,300 elk fed in Kittitas County.  Buy radios and
battery charger for
Search and Rescue. Club member counts 532 elk in Watt, 32 bulls.  Continue sending delegate to Washington State Sports
Council monthly meetings with Club recommendations for hunting seasons and resolution instructions.  Oct 4-5 Cowlitz Game and Anglers and the
Castle Rock Jaycees hold the first annual Evergreen Big Horn Show.  
Hunter survey conducted by Yakima Sportsmen Association and Club
show 82% against overlapping deer and elk seasons.  Begin project of
improving springs between Manastash and Robinson Canyon.  Club cleans
up firing range on
McManamy property.  Members pick up rubbish at Mattoon.  Club holds Dennis Farrell Memorial Shoot.  Keith Williams
honored as a Life Member.

1969  Club celebrates
50th Anniversary.  State dedicates Hi Valley Ranch purchase and Club sponsors LT Murray Wildlife Area dedication
BBQ picnic
.  Club requests repeal of 3,000 limit on elk population.  State Representative Bledsoe responds "if Department of Game expands its
land holdings in the Yakima-Kittitas area, then perhaps a greater elk population should be allowed."  He mistakingly refers to the limit as an agreed
upon number between cattlemen and sportsmen.  Pollution Committee reports
Schaake will  trench silage pit so it will not drain into the pond.  
Club contacts Pollution Control Office in Yakima regarding dumping of sewage in
Wilson Creek.  Club supports making upper Taneum and
North Fork Taneum roadless areas.  Donate to "
Keep Washington Green."  Winter hard on birds.  Grain available from Game Farm.  Erwin
honored as a Life Member.

1968  Post Sorenson's Ponds as
bird refuges in an attempt to hold ducks in the valley.  Pond still open for fishing.  Club begins Big Game
program.  Address carrot peels polluting Wilson Creek.  Good year for upland birds.  Red leg plant disappointing.  Best pheasant season
in years.  Sink brush in
Taneum Lake to improve fish habitat.  Quite a few quail in valley.  Club sends Thank You letters to following for
opening their lands to sportsmen during last hunting season: Boise Cascade; High Valley Ranch; WA Cattlemen's Association.  Install cisterns in
Hansen Canyon area Firing Range.  Volunteer at Forest Service Info booths in Teanaway and Taneum during early hunting season.  Chelan
destroys 35,000acres of prime winter deer range.  132 youths attended Firearms Safety Class this year.

1967  Club
hosts Washington State Sportsmen's Council meeting.  Club objects to Quilomene cattle company diverting 2 cu. ft of Quilomene
creek water for irrigation and another rancher grazing Whisky Dick.  Club boasts 365 members.  
Much clubhouse work completed: roof; siding;
grounds; waterline replaced; trap; remove cement slabs; hot water heater repair; burn weeds; graveling.

1966  Club opposes proposed site of new city dump near
Thrall. Crab Feed a big success.  Club continues sending a rep to the monthly State
Game Commission
meetings with Club input.  Club cleans up two hunting camps left littered.  To strengthen area voice at state level club joins  
North Central Washington Sportsmen Council.  Joe Watt open to public to view elk feeding.  Very successful.  Cattlemen attend Club
meeting to discuss solutions to hunting problems they face.  Ask Sports Council to extend Hwy 10 game fence to control elk migration.  Club
Life Member Plaque displayed at meetings.  George Pence, Leonard Pease, Art Munz, Guy Ballard honored as Life Members.

1965  Members
clean up some camps left littered by hunters.  Sponsor a boy to attend Junior Sportsmen's Conservation Camp.  According to
Washington Game Bird Club, Kittitas County 1964 upland bird harvest was 10,870 pheasants, 1,340 quail and 6,190 chukars.

1964  Sponsor a boy to attend
Junior Sportsmen's Conservation Camp on Orcas Island.  Hilltop Parking begins when Club oversees Craig's
Hill for Rodeo Board during rodeo weekend (income shared by Rodeo Board and Club).  Plant 140 trees in
Whiskey Dick.

1963  Club and Possee hold joint
Crab Feed.  Some members join Boat Flotilla No. 9 at Vantage as Wanapum Dam pool is forming to kill
rattlesnakes.  Club supports opening watershed to recreation.  Requests State Highway Department install an 8-ft cyclone fence on west side of
new Interstate 90 between Cle Elum and Taneum Canyon as a drift fence for big game.   

1962  Draw up emergency resolution to State Sports Council opposing a commercial company leasing state land in the
Quilomene and allowing
hunting only when a fee is paid.

1961  Club invites Washington State Sports Council to hold a meeting in Ellensburg.  They come in June.  Support
Keep Washington Green.   
Purchase mower blades for
State Game Farm.  123 students attend Firearms Safety training this year.  Club purchases two .22s for Firearms
Safety class.

1960  25 students sign up for Junior Firearms Safety Course.  Club purchases projector for firearms course training slides.  Club organizes
Farmer-Sportsmen Relations Committee.  Dr. R.R. Pinkard honored as a Life Member.

1959  Club places 18.26 acres of its leased property into
Soil Bank as a Conservation Bird Refuge.  Trap shooting is a big activity at the Club.

1958  Club recommends Aksel Pederson as State Game Director.

1956  Chukar and quail not doing well during winter.  Club looks into setting up
feed station.  Game Protector Anderson speaks to club.  Deer
winter range degraded by grazing cattle.  Long winter is threatening a terrific loss.  Water spectre laid to rest.  Club refused to pay for irrigation
neither wanted nor used.  County Commissioners finally paid bill and in return Club repairs buildings.  Win-win.  Club sets up Advisory Group at
Chamber of Commerce to assist outside hunters.  Advise where to hunt, best places to hunt, and asks they foster good hunter-farmer relations.  
Dale Chinn, new
Game Farm Superintendent speaks to Club about improving conditions and methods to produce more and better birds for

Trap shooting participation down.  Some cite the $5 per year as too expensive, other members have moved away or retired.  Club working
to increase interest in the sport.  Game Department reviews
doe damage on Knudson Ranch and determines animals were yarding up for winter
and would spread out again.  Club sponsors a boy to
Junior Conservation Camp at Orcas Island.  Game Protectors report 1,406 head of elk in
the county.  Club buys a loading tool to reduce shooting costs.  Interest revived.  Club President attends Seattle meeting of Big Game Council and
Stockmen Committee, but meeting was closed-door and Wilkins was not allowed in.

1954  Club continues
predator control program to reduce magpie numbers, thereby improving gamebird populations.   Contact Game
Department regarding elk and deer damage to Knudson Ranch.  Recommend: bull only elk season; 300 doe permits between Reecer Creek and
Colockum; 1,000 in Teanaway.  Game Department responds that they will wait to tally winter kill.

1953  Trap Club enters
Spokesman Review Shoot.  Special season in Teanaway nets 30 bulls, 50 cows.  National Parks Association Executive
Secretary corresponds with Washington State Big Game Council regarding "efforts of certain interests to freeze grazing "rights" on the public
domain, and to emasculate the federal agencies that administer these lands."  Club joins
Washington State Sports Council.  Recommends repel
of Sec 35G chapter 238 Laws of 1949, "The present leasees of such state owned lands shall be allowed to graze without cost such number of
livestock as shall be determined by the Game Commission, Commissioner of Public Lands and a representative of the Washington Cattlemen's
Association on the basis of the capacity of such lands for this purpose, that the population of elk will not be more than 3,000 west and south of the
Yakima River in Yakima and Kittitas Counties."   

1952  December sees a large holdover of gamebirds.  Members hope for good
brood stocks.

1951  Gamebirds scarce in valley.  No quail seen, few chukars.  Concerns regarding cattle
overgrazing public lands to the detriment of big game
ongoing.  Members continue sending representatives with recommendations to
Game Commission meetings.

Potato farmers visit Club and explain request for support.  Club favors an open season on Sage Hens within: hwy 10 on north, Hwy 97 on
West and county line on South and East.  
Roden Trophy presented to Club on March 27, 1950, by Walt Roden, a regular member and ardent rifle
shooter.  Trophy awarded annually to Kittitas County Field & Stream Club member winning the trophy shoot course of fire:  20 shots kneeling,
any approved NRA position, and 20 shots NRA standing.  Winner has name engraved and possesses trophy for one year.  Club donates a prize to
local fishing derby.  Petition Game Department to reconsider open season and set aside some areas for a refuge during hunting season.  Also
recommend open Wenatchee and Snoqualmie National Forests to
bull elk only.  Club joins Washington State Big Game Council.

1949  Club helps
Game Department with winter (48-49) feeding of birds and elk, and helps with elk count.  Big Game Committee following
stockmen/Game Department meetings regarding number of
elk to be taken from certain areas.  Squaw Creek antelope herd causing much
damage in Badger Pocket.  Club votes to recommend Game Commission abolish herd.  Poor duck hatch this year.  Club considering what can be

1948  Lease airport property and buildings to
create a clubhouse and trap grounds.  Half of the funds come from members who either
personally loan the club money or sign a $100 bank note.  Stan Peterson loaned the Club $1000 to purchase targets and ammunition.  All loans
were repaid on schedule.  Recommend to Game Commission there be a closed season on upland birds and no cow elk season north of Manastash
Cascade Field & Stream files an injunction to prevent Wenas-Taneum special hunt or, if necessary, to file charges against Game
Commission for the destruction of elk herd.   Kittitas Club requests Game Commission lease suitable land exclusively for big game.  Cascade Field
& Stream visits Club and expresses views regarding possible extermination of Colockum herd and Taneum area elk trouble.

1947  Club joins Yakima, Benton and Klickitat County groups to form
South Central Washington Sports Council, to deal with local issues and
give area a stronger voice at Washington Sports Council.  Contact Stream Pollution Commission to survey conditions on the branch of
which flows through Ellensburg.  Magpie bounties continue to reduce preying on gamebirds.  Reverend Eugene Duffy captivates February
Club meeting with tales of his hunting experiences in Kittitas Valley.  Septermber meeting preceded by showing of "
two reels of colored film."  
About 90 boy scouts, scout officials and parents attended.  After films all enjoyed ice cream and soda pop.  Then scouts were "excused so that
they might get home by 9:30p.m."

1946  Club joins Cascade Field & Stream Club to
stop polluting of Yakima River: raw sewage from South Roslyn and washer at coal mines using
a chemical that is killing fish.  Ask Game Department what they intend to do to prevent deer and elk from drowning in the
Highline Canal.  Club
creates two committees to take care of shooting needs: Trap Club and Rifle Club.  Club opposes special season on cow elk in Kittitas and Yakima
Counties set by State Game Commission.  Work with
US Soil Conservation Service on a reseeding program.  Speak with Schaake about fish
below the slaughter house being caught or found dead with hog hair puncturing their stomachs and intestines.  Meet with
County Commissioners
and request more deputies patrol county roads to stop pheasant poaching before hunting season.  Club incorporates.

1945  Ask Game Department to purchase the site known as
Tjossem's Mill Pond and maintain as a permanent game refuge for migrating birds.  
District Fire Warden reports to club 25% of past fires caused by hunters.  Too often hunters build warming fires and then leave them.  Club hosts
predator drive to decrease number of magpies preying on gamebirds.  Magpies trapped and released carrying a
War Bond payable to the hunter.  

1944  Club concerned about decrease in game.  Begin research to determine number of cattle and sheep grazing Wenatchee and Snoqualmie
National Forests.  Contact State Sports Council asking that "there be no open season on cow elk in Kittitas County for the duration of the war, to
protect our elk so that our boys in the service may have some game when they get home."  Bill introduced by state Senator McCarran to kill
Naneum Elk Herd.  Club presses for a game management plan to ensure game have adequate habitat in face of ranchers grazing.  Club sells indoor
rifle club property.

Other than our organizing documents, no other documents providing details of club work are available dated prior to 1944.

1919  Organize in March 1919 as Ellensburg Sportsmen Association with 75 charter members and dues of 50 cents per year.  President, Austin
Miers and Secretary-Treasurer, J.H. Van Gusen.