Kittitas County Field & Stream
Since 1919
"Working Today For Tomorrow's Wildlife"
Ellensburg, Washington
Our first Chukar Run was in 1987 to support our game bird raise-and-release project.  Club members
raised thousands of chukars, pheasants and more to supplement local populations.  In 1996,
Outdoor Life
magazine touted Kittitas County as best for chukar hunting.

Over the years our projects have evolved to include supporting other local outdoor organizations and
representing our county's recreation interests on a variety of local and state committees regarding land use
and game and wildlife management.  

Throughout the years, memberships and the Chukar Run remain the pillars of our fundraising efforts and
your support is most sincerely appreciated.

Thank You!
Thank You!
Sponsors, donors and guests of our Chukar Run
You have helped set the stage for an exciting 2018
on March 30, 2019
celebrating 100 years of
"Working Today for Tomorrow's Wildlife