Photo of Mt. Stuart from Miller Peak trail in the Teanaway in Kittitas Co. (Photo by: Dick Ambrose 2009)
We are an all-volunteer, 501c3 non-profit group promoting effective conservation, teaching hunting
ethics and good sportsmanship, supporting education to prevent pollution, and improving and increasing
outdoor recreation opportunities,  especially hunting and fishing.
Kittitas County Field & Stream
Since 1919
"Working Today For Tomorrow's Wildlife"
Ellensburg, Washington

Kittitas County Field & Stream
P.O. Box 522
Ellensburg WA  98926

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President:         Lee Davis
Vice President:  Jim Huckabay
Secretary:         Tamara Downs
Treasurer:         Gloria Sharp
Past President:   Deborah Essman
Board of Directors:

Buzz Chevera
John Entwistle
Aaron Kuntz
Robert Weyna
Steve Douglas
Billl Essman
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Club Meetings -- Public Welcome
2nd Monday of the month, 7:00 pm at Hal Holmes Center, Ellensburg
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Washington Wolf Packs as of December 2016

•To delist from state sensitive status: 15 successful breeding
pairs present for 3 consecutive years, with 4 successful
breeding pairs in each of the three recovery regions and 3
successful breeding pairs anywhere in the state.

•An alternative delisting objective is also established whereby
the gray wolf will be considered for delisting when 18
successful breeding pairs are present, with 4 successful
breeding pairs in the Eastern Washington region, 4 successful
breeding pairs in the Northern Cascades region, 4 successful
breeding pairs distributed in the Southern Cascades and
Northwest Coast region, and 6 anywhere in the state.

more info at
WDFW website

Kittitas Field & Stream Radio Show!

The Kittitas County Field & Stream Club Board of Directors
are planning to start a new radio show on the Ellensburg
Community Radio.

We need a name for the show! Below are some options that we
are considering. Our show will spotlight all recreation in not
just our county but throughout the Pacific Northwest!

Look at the potential names, take our survey at Survey
Let us know what name you like best or suggest one!

No matter what name is picked the tag line after the name will
look something, or actually sound something like this:

Brought to you by the Oldest Sportsmen Club in Washington –
the Kittitas County Field and Stream Club,
From the Heart of Washington – with the Kittitas County Field
and Stream Club, established/since 1919,
With the Kittitas County Field and Stream Club, working for
our outdoor future since 1919.

Some names being considered:

Your Northwest Outdoors

Outside in the Pacific Northwest

Into the Wild Northwest

Northwest Wild

Your Wild Northwest

Take our survey at Survey Monkey:

August Guest Speaker

Brian Kertson - Carnivore Research Scientist
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife


From Backyards to Mountain Tops: Cougar Ecology and Behavior in
Washington’s Wildland-Urban Landscapes

When:   Aug 14th, 7pm
Where: Hal Holmes Center

Brian has been investigating cougar behavior and ecology in wildland-urban
environments in Washington for several years. He looks at how cougars use these
environments—how much time they spend in residential areas, how often interactions
with people occur, and how the landscape and other demographic factors influence
their behavior.
His findings are amazing! “What his research showed is that cougars spend a lot more
time in residential areas than we knew—a little more than 17 percent of their time,” he
says. “Cats use these residential portions of the landscape just like they do wildlands,
including hunting for deer and elk in greenbelts and other forested habitats.”


Labor Day weekend and our Hilltop Parking event will be here
before we know it. 

We need volunteers for the following
days and times. 

Thursday August 31, 8 PM for a new event – a concert featuring
Ned LeDoux and Zach Hinson.  
Friday September 1, 6:45 PM Rodeo; 
Saturday September 2, 12:45 PM Rodeo; 
Saturday September 2 8:00 PM Xtreme Bulls; 
Sunday September 3, 11:45 AM Rodeo,  
Monday September 4, 11:45 AM Rodeo Finals.    

The Thursday night concert is new this year so we don’t know
what to expect for that.  Rodeo times can be busy or not, better
weather is usually busier.  Our job is traffic control and collecting
money from those who want to park and watch.  And watching for
those who try to sneak in.  The club provides water and snacks,
you may bring food or buy some at the Legion hall.  You will
probably want a hat and please wear an orange bird / hunting vest
so you can be seen easier.

Also, there may be something on Sunday night, but the current info
is unclear about that.

All the times listed are event start times, we need to be there at least
a half hour earlier. 
Contact Buzz  (607-1908)  for more information or to sign up.