We are an all-volunteer, 501c3 non-profit group promoting effective
conservation, teaching hunting ethics and good sportsmanship, supporting
education to prevent pollution, and improving and increasing outdoor recreation
opportunities,  especially hunting and fishing.
Kittitas County Field & Stream Club
1919 - 2019  Celebrating 100 Years of "Working Today For Tomorrow's Wildlife"
Ellensburg, Washington

Kittitas County Field & Stream
P.O. Box 522
Ellensburg WA  98926

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broadband Internet transmissions to bring live views of  
wildlife   to their biologists' desks and to your home.
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Welcome to the Upper Yakima Basin Project
Your participation in this 10-minute survey will help land managers in Kittitas
and Yakima Counties know more about where you recreate and the natural
resources you value.

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-  When our club was formed in 1919,
did our founders imagine we'd still be
"Working Today for Tomorrow's Wildlife"
a century later

-  Please help us keep going strong...
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Your help will keep the outdoor heritage of our
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-  Many, many thanks to our
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for all our successful years!
WDFW has updated their website and we are
searching for this link, if still available
              Hunters who bought multi-season special hunt applications can buy unsold deer and elk
                                                     multi-season tags on Aug. 22

Hunters who purchased a multi-season permit application earlier this year, but were not selected in the April drawing,
are eligible to buy the unsold 2,610 deer and 116 elk multi-season tags on a first-come, first-served basis on Thursday,
Aug. 22.

Jenika Stinkeoway, customer service manager for WDFW, said elk multi-season tags will go on sale at 10 a.m. on
Aug. 22, and are expected to sell out in 5 seconds or less. Multi-season deer tags will go on sale 10 minutes later at 10:
10 a.m. Hunters planning to purchase both tags must do so in two separate transactions.

Hunters who want to purchase a deer or elk multi-season tag must have purchased a 2019 deer or elk multi-season
special hunt application, and also have a general season elk or deer license before buying a multi-season tag. General
season elk or deer tags must be surrendered to an authorized WDFW license dealer at the time of the multi-season
purchase – no exceptions.

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Wolf post-recovery planning:
Public input and public scoping open houses

Biologists are confident that Washington’s
wolf population is on a path to successful
recovery. Since 2008, the state’s wolf
population has grown an average of 28% per
year. WDFW documented a minimum of 126
individuals, 27 packs, and 15 successful
breeding pairs during the last annual population
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find an Open House or comment online
photo | Spokane Tribal Wildlife
Program (Savannah Walker)
WDFW seeks public comment on North Rainier elk herd plan

WDFW opened a public comment period Aug. 1, on a draft plan for
future management of the North Rainier elk herd.

The North Rainier elk herd’s range encompasses portions of Pierce,
King, Snohomish and Kittitas counties. This herd is an important
resource that provides significant recreational, subsistence, cultural,
aesthetic and economic benefits to Washington citizens.

“We’ve seen a healthy increase in this population since 2002,”said Larry
Phillips, Region 6 Director. “That increase has been great for
recreational opportunities, especially wildlife viewing and photography.”

Since the last herd plan was adopted in 2002, the population has
increased from approximately 1,800 elk to 4,500. The draft plan
proposes a population objective for the North Rainier Elk Herd of 4,850
read the full news release

Ellensburg Rodeo is just around the corner and that means
Hilltop Parking.  
We partner with the Rodeo Board to manage parking and event
viewing from Freeloader Hill and if you can come help for one or
more events--Thank You!
Send us an email at admin@kittitasfieldandstream.org
Come to our Aug 12 meeting, 7pm at Hal Holmes,
to learn more about our volunteer needs
We teamed with volunteers of the state Ruffed Grouse Society
to remove about a mile of old barbed-wire fence from Ainsley
Canyon on the LT Murray.  
Thank You, Volunteers!
state Ruffed Grouse Society on facebook